The UWA End-User License Agreement

Thank you for choosing UWA (Universal Website AsThis) content management system (hereinafter referred to as the UWA), the UWA is AsThis based on PHP and MySQL development general site procedures, procedures simple, flexible and strong extensibility.

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In order for you to correct and legitimate use this software, please be sure to read the following terms of the agreement clearly before use:

First, this license agreement applicable and only applicable to the UWA 3X version, as the official to this license agreement possessing the right of final interpretation and modification.

Second, the agreement licensing rights

1. You can within the scope of the agreement rules and restrictions on changing the UWA source code or interface style to meet the requirements for your web site.

2. You have to use website all contents of the UWA building ownership, and independently associated with the content of legal obligation.

3. After obtain authorization license, you can use this software for online sites. Authorized users reflect and put forward the opinions of rights, relevant opinions will be a top priority, but no promises or guarantees must be adopted.

Third, constraints and restrictions set forth in the agreement

4. Before get a authorization license, the UWA must not be used for online sites (including but not limited to, personal website, corporate websites, business-related website, organization website). Buying commercial license please visit for the latest instructions.

5. Without official permission, associated with authorization license shall be made to this software or to rent, sell, mortgage or issuing licenses.

6. Whether or not your website using the UWA whole, or part of the columns using the UWA, in you to use the UWA website backstage must retain the copyright information link.

7. Without the permission of the official ban on the basis of the whole or any part of the UWA to develop any derived version, version used to redistribute modified versions or a third party.

8. If you fail to comply with the provisions of this agreement, your authorization will be terminated, the licensee's rights will be retrieved, and bear the corresponding legal responsibility.

Fourth, limited warranty and disclaimers

9. Any UWA damage including program (or can't use) in the use of all the inevitability of generalization and specialization, accidental or damage (including but not limited to loss of data, maintenance data by yourself or the third party is not the right to modify, and other procedures in the process of collaboration of collapse and so on, The official does not undertake any responsibility.

10. The UWA and attached file as does not provide any explicit or implicit provided in the form of compensation or guarantee.

11. Voluntary users and use the UWA, you must understand the risk of using the software before the purchase products technical services, we do not promise to free users with any form of technical support, the use of guarantee, also does not undertake any problems by use of this software related responsibility.

12. The electronic text form of authorization agreement like the book agreement signed face to face, with full and equal legal effect. Once you begin to confirm this agreement and install the UWA, shall be deemed to have been fully understand and accept the terms and conditions of this agreement, and power, at the same time enjoy the above terms granted by the relevant constraints and restrictions. License agreements beyond the behavior, will direct violation of this license agreements and constitute infringement, we shall have the right to terminate the authorization, shall be ordered to stop the damage, and maintain the related responsibility of power.

13. If the UWA integration with other software API example demonstration package, copyright does not belong to the UWA official, these documents and these documents are not authorized to release, please refer to the related software licensing legally use.

Agreement to release time: on November 30, 2012. version update: July 16, 2017

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