UWA [ˈjuwɑ] is a universal website system
developed based on PHP and MySQL plateform by AsThis.
It is simple, flexible and have strong scalability.

PFA kernel

Concise, elegant, high quality code has a very high versatility and expansibility.

Multilingual Support

UTF-8 encoding, language detection, convenient to develop an international website.

Multi-Platform Support

Client platform detection, support for multiple platform website development.


Custom archive model and free model, facilitate the expansion of content and the secondary development.

Speed Efficient

Efficient dynamic and static page deployment, data multiple cache, improve the site access speed.

Automatic Update

Web page automatic periodic updates, reduce maintenance costs and pressure of the server.

Member Center

Member center and customizable member model, let your website interactive fire up.


Extension/Plugins/Template/Model is one key installation and uninstall.

Template Engine

Easy to use the template engine, a convenient interface design.